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August 2018 1st photo contest

In memory of Luca Chiarabini

MAY 19, 1970 - ITALY


He shared the great adventure of this world with everyone, just look at his legacy to have proof.

Luca was a good friend to so many, charismatic, nature enthusiast, always ready to help. His business card stated: ‘Active, Adventurous, Italian’… and he was indeed!

Luca was born in 1970 together with his twin brother near the Como Lake (Italy) and enjoyed his youth in Barcelona (Spain) where he graduated as IT Engineer. While working for Hewlett-Packard he moved with his wife and daughter to San Diego where he discovered his greatest passions: Caving & Canyoneering. Luca made countless expeditions all over the world, becoming the biggest contributor to Ropewiki and member of the San Bernardino Cave Rescue Team.

Luca drowned in August 2017 while crossing the South Fork of Kings river in California.

At the location of the accident a planted sequoia in his honor and a memorial plaque will remember Luca to all of us. 

“Hi, I’m Luca Chiarabini. 30 years ago a CalTech University professor and avid waterfall hiker had a group of rock climbing students in his class. Together they devised a way to descend waterfalls and explore canyons that had never been visited by mankind before. Chris Brennen started writing detailed beta of their explorations, that they called Adventure Hikes, and started publishing it all online for free. His beta would go on to inspire a whole new generation of adventurers, now called ‘Canyoneers’. Chris Brennen has even arranged his website to be hosted indefinitely after his death and guarantee permanent free access for all.

I don’t know about you... but when I grow up, I want to be like Chris Brennen! That is why I post all my beta on Ropewiki, and I encourage anyone to do the same. Some canyoneers prefer to keep canyons secret, sometimes for noble reasons but more often than not, just to keep a canyon for their inner circle exclusive enjoyment.

‘Jump canyon’ (the BEST canyon in the US) was kept secret for almost 10 years until Brennen put an end to their monopoly by publishing information about it. I had just done Jump canyon for the first time that Summer when my good friend and lifelong canyoneer Roger Arhart told me he was dying: in 6 months he would be on a wheelchair and in a year he would be gone. I immediately planned a canyoning trip for him and his family. Jump was the last canyon Roger ever did. Before he died he told me “I’m glad we did Jump, that is a great canyon to go out with!”. I was able to give my friend a departing gift in great part thanks to Chris Brennen posting the beta on the canyon.”

Friendship, adventure, and goodhearted sharing: this was Luca.


  1. Participation in the competition is open to all photography enthusiasts; professionals or not, participants in the CANYONLAND - Ticino RIC 2018 meeting as canyoneers (in possession of a Canyonlander pass).

  2. Each participant is allowed to submit a maximum of 3 (three) photographs taken during the week of the meeting.

  3. Any type of photography will be allowed: vertical / horizontal, B & W, etc. that immortalize the beauties of the region and canyoning.

  4. To enter the competition, the photographs must be posted on Facebook and / or Instagram using the Hashtag #Canyonland2018 and #LUCAMEMORYPhotoContest.

  5. The photos must be posted no later than Friday, 31 August 2018 - 20:00pm.

  6. The members of the jury and those who actively organize this competition are excluded from the competition


Jury / Prize


  • An international jury of canyoneers will evaluate the best photo based on personal criteria.

  • The winner will be announced Saturday, September 1st, 2018 during the closing ceremony of Canyonland.

  • The competition includes a unique prize for the first award winner of 1000.-CHF and an honorary trophy sculpted by hand exclusively for this contest


Privacy / Copyright


  • Each participant is responsible for the material presented by him in the competition.

  • The organizers of the competition, the jury and CANYONLAND -Ticino RIC 2018 decline any responsibility towards competitors, third parties and any subjects depicted in the photographs sent to the competition.

  • Each participant must be the unique author of the photographs sent, and the images must be original and not belonging to any third parties.

  • The photographs presented in the competition can be freely used by the organization for online posts with a tag about the author

  • The winning image will be provided by the author free of charge to the organization in high resolution for use, with the indication of the author, as the background of the poster for the future edition and for other similar uses.

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