PrOPOSED Canyons

  Each canyon proposed has been checked by the organization, i.e.: access trail, bolts, etc.

However, as canyons are subject to rises in the river level, landslides, stones or trees falling, and many other types of deterioration, the organization cannot assure safety with respect to access, equipment or belaying.  For this reason, each participant is responsible for checking the access points, the situation as he/she progresses along the canyon and every individual anchor point. 

Each participant must therefore be fully equipped with all the necessary kit (sufficient anchors) and be prepared to renounce in case of even the slightest doubt.


Topos and access information are included in the Topo Map Book given to all CANYONLAND participants to minimize jams and improve fluidity in the canyons, access time will be managed by the CANYONLAND regulation team.


This team shall be in no way responsible for the viability of a canyon with respect to the weather conditions or the level of the river flow.  Each participant will take personal responsibility and responsibility for the party in this regard. These canyons are only for independent canyoneers with good technical knowledge and physical condition (NOT for beginners) Every group will have a leader who has to assure that the group is prepared to spend one night in the canyon in case of emergency.

Sufficient food supplies enough ropes (3x the highest abseiling length) Complete personal material


Warning: because we are exploring nature, the landscape and conditions can change during the day. Therefore, emergency material such as bolts, etc. must be part of one's personal equipment whenever one enters a canyon.


canyon.  This technical information (altitude drop, length, The RIC organization provides information on the choice of height of the waterfalls, approximate time, etc.) is given in the topos available upon registering with the RIC, and on the notices and sign-posts within the RIC enclosure.

The RIC organization has improved the information concerning access to the canyon, in particular it has placed specific sign-posting.  As far as the above- mentioned canyons are concerned, situated downstream of hydroelectric infrastructures, and susceptible to movement of water, the RIC takes charge of contacting the hydroelectric companies concerned, to find out whether water movement caused by their installation should be expected.


This information is valid only for that day, or half-day in some canyons. 

Please note that the hydroelectric energy companies do not allow canyoning during the night in all of these canyons (as movement of water takes place in the night hours).


Conversely, any canyoning (entry and descent) is entirely under the responsibility of the groups and individuals taking part in the RIC.

In fact canyoning can only be carried out with suitable personal equipment,  in particular all the climbing equipment needed for the specific canyon, technical knowledge to enable the descent within the canyon in complete safety, as well as checking conditions (weather, risk of water level rise, physical condition of the participants, etc.).


As a reminder, each participant and each party must verify at the very least the following points :

  •   Individual equipment must be complete and  in good working order

  •   Canyoning kit must be appropriate for the specific for the planned descent (+ emergency rope and technical equipment to substitute anchor points)

  •   Knowledge / experience /level of the participants must be sufficient for the descent that is planned

  •   Physical conditions good enough for the planned excursion

  •   Weather conditions (current and forecast) must guarantee a safe descent

  •   Water flow must be of a suitable level to ensure a safe descent

  •   If hydroelectric infrastructure is present: it is necessary to advise and obtain authorisation to go into the canyon.


These points are both the individual responsibility of each participant and of each party. The RIC organisation declines all responsibility in this regard.

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